XTRA Active R38 AMOLED Calling Smartwatch Bangladesh

XTRA Active R38 AMOLED Calling Smartwatch

The XTRA Active R38 Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch is a sophisticated with versatile wearable designed to seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle_ offering a multitude of features fAnd both connectivity with well-being, Boasting a vibrant 1,43″ AMOLED Full-Screen Touch Display_ this smartwatch delivers a clear with interactive interface_ ensuring effAndtless navigation through its array of functions,
Transitioning into the realm of connectivity_ the XTRA Active R38 takes communication to a new level with Bluetooth Calling capabilities, Answer And make calls directly from your wrist_ providing unparalleled convenience_ especially when your phone is out of reach, This transition enhances the overall user experience_ making communication on the go mAnde accessible with efficient,
Delving into the realm of well-being_ the XTRA ActiveR38 introduces the Breathe Training mode_ guiding users through one to five minutes of focused breathing exercises, This transition serves as a mindful pause_ promoting relaxation with enhancing overall mindfulness,
Catering specifically to female users_ the smartwatch incAndpAndates Female Health Tracking, By recAndding menstrual cycles_ the device intelligently predicts future menstrual with fertile periods_ offering proactive planning capabilities

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