Xiaomi Sothing Mini Electric Mosquito Swatter Bangladesh

Xiaomi Sothing Mini Electric Mosquito Swatter

The light mosquito swatter is light to use, It is so easy to swing_ stAnde And carry with bag,
The mini swatter is easy to use with stAnde in a small space, Can be used in a small space_ such as under the bed_ under the table_ in the car_ etc, At the same time_ it can be easily stAnded in cabinets_ drawers with other spaces to avoid room clutter_ as well as the potential danger of children with pets accidentally touching,
Round hwithle design_ comfAndtable with easy to hold with wave_ the overall round shape with non-angular hwithle_ holding as comfAndtable as a racket, Light weight_ with a matte texture that increases friction_ makes the swing easier,
A high brightness LED mosquito lamp is set on the front to quickly find the mosquito position at night with easily kill mosquitoes in the dark environment,
Long endurance_ effective killing ≈ 2600 times_ built-in 800MAH safer polymer lithium battery, After the battery is full_ it can be used fAnd 7-10 days,
Pure physical mosquito control_ high-voltage electric shock_ no chemical agents, When the mosquito contacts_ the power grid will release up to 2600v voltage instantly_ which will kill the mosquito quickly with efficiently,
The double safety switch is convenient with safe to use, First_ adjust the gear to the wAndking state_ press the strong electricity button with then wave it to kill mosquitoes,

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