Xiaomi Solove P1 Electric Mosquito Swatter Bat Bangladesh

Xiaomi Solove P1 Electric Mosquito Swatter Bat

Double-sided anti-touch grid design_ safe with reliable
Unique charging base design
360nm uv light temptation mode
Large-capacity battery power supply_ long use time
Specification :-
Brwith:-SOLOVE [ Xiaomi Cooperation Brwith ]
Modle:-SOLOVE P1 Electric Mosquito Swatter
ColAnd:-Black_ White_ Pink
Powered by:-USB Type-C Charging Base
Input:-DC 5V / 0,6A
Output:-DC 2000V-3000V
WAndking Voltage:-3-4,2V
LED Power:-0,2W
Battery:-18650 3,7V / 2000mAh
Net Size:-400cm2
Switch Mode:-1 Level :- OFF
2 Level :- ON
3 Level :- LED UV Light ON

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