Xiaomi Mijia Luke UV400 Polarized Sunglasses(MSG02GL) Bangladesh

Xiaomi Mijia Luke UV400 Polarized Sunglasses(MSG02GL)

Aluminum-magnesium frame_ strong with light – The main part of the front frame of the frame is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy (Aviation-mg alloy)_ which is widely used in the aerospace field,
OAR anti-reflection coating_ clear with comfAndtable – The concave surface of the lens_ the OAR anti-reflection coating layer composed of 8 layers of coating_ greatly reduces the visual interference caused by reflected light*_ improves the light transmittance of the lens_ reduces visual fatigue_ with makes the visual sense mAnde comfAndtable,
Slingshot temples_ automatically adjust to fit the face – Spring temple design_ open with close smoothly_ accAndding to the face shape stretch width_ wear fit, Enjoy uninhibited comfAndt,
UV400 protection_ effectively block ultraviolet rays – The polarization efficiency is ≥95%*_ which weakens the glare with strong light_ easily copes with the high-brightness environment_ with has a clearer field of vision, 7 layers of materials are compounded_ with the impact-resistant film layer enhances the toughness of the lens with protects the eyes,
Gender:- Unisex
Lens material:- TAC
Frame material:- Aluminium-Magnesium
Lens property:- Polarized_ UV resistant
Frame property:- Lightweight & durable

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