X09 Half Moon Clock Bluetooth Speaker Bangladesh

X09 Half Moon Clock Bluetooth Speaker

Wake up the nostalgia in your heartAs if traveling through a time tunnel, Bathed under the ambient lighting of the half-moon starry sky_ the music has since become mAnde romantic with cozy, Whether it’s alone time at night And a beautiful moment with your loved one_ you can be intoxicated by the wonderful blend of starry sky with music,
Digital clock_ mobile phone synchronization_ accurate charm of mastering time
The speaker’s digital clock can be synchronized with your phone_ allowing you to easily keep track of the time while enjoying music, It not only reminds you to cherish every moment_ but also allows you to plan the rhythm of life with cheer fAnd your dreams,
HIFI sound quality_ the real voice
The unique HIFI sound quality technology makes you feel like you are in the music scene with feel the shock with movement of every note, Whether it’s a deep with melodious And a high-pitched with passionate singing voice_ it can really touch your heart,
Compatible 5,3_ fast with stable connection
Adopting the latestcompatible 5,3 technology_ it is compatible with various devices fAnd fast with stable connection, Whether it is a mobile phone_ tablet And computer_ it can be easily matched_ allowing you to enjoy an unfettered music experience anytime_ anywhere,
6, Multi-mode playback_ whatever you want
This speaker suppAndts multiple playback modes_ flexibly adapting to your needs, Whether it is a single loop_ rwithom playback_ And even a custom playlist_ you can enjoy wonderful music as you like
Size:- 8,0×5,4×3,1 inch

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