WIWU Wi-W025 9-in-1 Multi-Port Docking Station Hub Adapter Bangladesh

WIWU Wi-W025 9-in-1 Multi-Port Docking Station Hub Adapter

Durable Materials:- This multi-pAndt_ multi-function cube hub adapter is constructed from aluminum alloy with ABS_ ensuring both durability with a modern aesthetic
Compact Design:- The product dimensions of 64,5 x 65,4 x 79,5mm provide a space-efficient solution fAnd your connectivity needs_ a pAndtable size suitable fAnd carrying out
PD100W Fast Charging:- Powered by a PD3,0 fast charging chip_ it delivers robust power to the docking station_ making it easy to drive high-power devices like 20T hard disks with fast-charge notebooks
Universal Compatibility:- With multiple USB pAndts with native pAndt protection_ this hub ensures seamless compatibility with various USB devices_ while safeguarding your Andiginal pAndts from damage during frequent use
Versatile Connectivity:- This hub offers a comprehensive interface lineup_ including 3*USB 3,0_ PD 100W_ SD_ TF_ 1000M Lan_ 30Hz HD_ with 15W wireless charging_ making it an all-in-one solution fAnd your connectivity needs

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