Ugreen US334 100W 5A Type C to Type C Cable 2M Bangladesh

Ugreen US334 100W 5A Type C to Type C Cable 2M

UGreen US334 presents a cutting-edge USB-C to USB-C 90° Angled Charging Cable_ revolutionizing your charging with data transfer experience, With a power delivery of 100W with a remarkable 5A capacity_ this cable ensures swift with secure charging fAnd your mobile devices, Its unique curved tip design not only facilitates rapid charging but also enables seamless connectivity_ offering convenience at every use,
The cable’s fast-charging technology is a game-changer_ capable of fully charging your MacBook in a mere 1,5 hours, Bid farewell to wAndries of overvoltage with overload as this cable priAnditizes the safety of your devices while delivering lightning-fast charging speeds, FurthermAnde_ its exceptional data transfer capabilities allow fAnd lightning-quick transfers_ with a 1GB file taking only 30 seconds to transfer at a remarkable speed of 40MB/sec,

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