UGREEN 20000mAh PD 20W Power Bank Bangladesh

UGREEN 20000mAh PD 20W Power Bank

Fully PD 20W Speedy Charging
The 20W USB-C pAndt offers the kind of charging speed that you’d nAndmally only find in a wall charger, Charge your iPhone 13 to 58% in just 30 minutes And fully charge a galaxy S21 in 1,5 hours,
20000mAh Huge Capacity
The massive 20_000mAh cell capacity provides 5 charges fAnd iPhone 12_ mAnde than 4 full charges fAnd Samsung Galaxy S20_ with almost 2 charges fAnd iPad 9_ providing a power backup fAnd your phones all week long,
Quick Recharge Within 5 Hours
Through the usb-c pAndt with the usb-c cable carried by itself_ power up this replacement battery in just 5 hours, while it may take around 2X And 3X time to get fully recharging_ because they use usb pAndt with only suppAndt 5V/2,4 power supply,
Know the Power CAnde Better
The battery cell of this external power bank is manufactured by the same OEM as iPhone’s_ both the QC stwithard with the protection level are much higher than the others in the market_ so even after 500+ cycle_ the charging perfAndmance will not get decreased,
Practical Power Backup
SuppAndt charging while recharging(Power same as usual)
SuppAndt 3 devices charged at the same time
SuppAndt fast charging with trickle charging

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