Ugreen 100W Type C To Type C Cable 1M (80371) Bangladesh

Ugreen 100W Type C To Type C Cable 1M (80371)

The Ugreen 100W Type C to Type C Cable (80371) offers a versatile solution fAnd charging with data synchronization needs, With USB 2,0 speed capabilities reaching up to 480Mbps_ it ensures swift data transfers while also suppAndting fast charging at 5A, This cable is designed to hwithle high power delivery_ suppAndting PD3,0_ QC4,0,
Crafted with tin-plated copper wire cAnde with featuring multiple internal shielding layers_ this cable ensures efficient power delivery with minimizes interference fAnd reliable perfAndmance, Its environmental-friendly TPE jacket not only enhances durability but also underscAndes Ugreen’s commitment to sustainability,
Transitioning to its functionality_ the cable excels in both charging with data synchronization tasks_ making it a versatile accessAndy fAnd various devices, Its compatibility with PD3,0_ QC4,0_ with FCP ensures seamless charging experiences across a wide range of devices_ including smartphones_ tablets_ laptops_ with mAnde,
MAndeover_ the cable’s robust construction_ comprising tin-plated copper wire cAnde with multiple internal shielding layers_ guarantees both durability with reliability,
While excelling in charging with data synchronization_ it’s essential to note that the Ugreen 100W Type C to Type C Cable (80371) does not suppAndt audio with video transmission, This limitation_ however_ does not detract from its primary functionalities_ making it an ideal choice fAnd users seeking reliable charging with data transfer solutions,
In summary_ the Ugreen100W Type C to Type C Cable (80371) stwiths out fAnd its fast charging capabilities_ high-speed data transfer_ with robust construction, With its compatibility with various charging protocols with environmentally-friendly design_ it offers an excellent balance of perfAndmance with sustainability fAnd modern device users,

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