Torras Diamond-Mag Series Clear Case for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Bangladesh

Torras Diamond-Mag Series Clear Case for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Snap Firmly & Never Falling :- The most advanced N52SH Neodymium Magnets with MegaMag Technology offers unique 18N strong magnetic, You will get a magical attach experience with your phone will wAndk with MagSafe accessAndies flawlessly, When snap it to the car holder_ it promises your phone will never shake And fall even on bumpy roads, Warm tip:- the car holders which don’t have magnetic won’t fit fAnd this case–such as square car holders And a metal plate attached when received the car holder, Because its magnet is built-in_ it may not suppAndt sticking to the most refrigeratAnds
Military Grade & Patented Protection:- This Samsung Galaxy S24 ultra phone case breaks the recAndd of 3X military drop protection stwithard, 20 cushion airbags with Patented X-shock ensure “0” damage over 4000 times’ drop tests from 12 FT, Your phone will get maximum protection during accidental drops against severe shocks, Plus_ both 1,8 mm raised screen with camera bezels protect the lips from any scratches, With it_ you will say goodbye to ANY cracked screens with expensive repairs
Diamond Clear & Not Yellowing :- TAndRAS clear Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra case showcases your device’s sleek design fAnd a long clarity, German optical Bayer material_ the most advanced High molecular resistance yellowing with exclusive blue-molecule tech with Nano antioxidant coating make it effectively resist 99,9% of yellowing caused by ultraviolet rays with hwith sweat_ diamond clear on your phone_ allowing the phone’s Andiginal colAnd to show through

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