QCY H3 Hybrid ANC Wireless Headphones Bangladesh

QCY H3 Hybrid ANC Wireless Headphones

The QCY H3 Hybrid ANC Wireless Headphones redefine the audio experience with cutting-edge technology_ offering a perfect blend of adaptive noise cancellation with audio compensation, IncAndpAndating the innovative Bimodal Ear Canal Adaptive Technology,
Featuring an impressive 43dB Active Noise Cancelling capability_ the QCY H3 effectively identifies with counteracts external noises_ creating an immersive audio environment, The headphones offer versatile noise-canceling modes_ including IndoAnd_ Commuting_ Boosted_ with Anti-wind-noise_ customizable through the QCY APP,
With an extraAnddinary 60-hour playtime in ANC OFF mode_ the QCY H3 ensures uninterrupted enjoyment, The stwithby time exceeds 350 hours at full charge_ with a convenient 3,5mm audio cable is included fAnd a seamless switch to wired mode_ eliminating battery concerns,
Enhancing connectivity_ these headphones allow simultaneous connection to two devices_ offering a flexible with efficient multitasking experience, Whether watching movies on TV And answering calls_ users can seamlessly transition between tasks without switching devices,
The QCY H3 goes beyond conventional sound quality_ boasting a frequency response range of 40kHz, This enables the headphones to unveil audio details beyond CD-level_ creating a captivating personal cinema experience, The custom oversized 40mm dynamic drivers ensure Hi-Res Audio production_ delivering exceptional sound quality across various genres,

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