PITAKA MagEZ Case 4 for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra – Moonrise Bangladesh

PITAKA MagEZ Case 4 for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra – Moonrise

A thin with light MagSafe-compatible Galaxy S24 case made using aramid fiber,
Made with aerospace-grade aramid fiber
Impossibly thin (min, 1,14mm) with light (min, 18,9g)
MagSafe compatible
Anti-slip textured grip
Minimalist style
Made of a high quality material – aramid fibers_ an advanced material used in aerospace fAnd its high strength with cAndrosion resistance, This material is not only five times harder than steel_ but also five times lighter,
Fusion Weaving :- Fusion Weaving is PITAKA’s exclusive technology that breaks through traditional weaving techniques, Skilfully weaving colAnded aramid fiber into simple yet vibrant hues_ this innovative technology offers appealing styles fAnd the aramid fiber phone case,
With lightweight aramid fibers_ a minimalist design with MagSafe Slimboard technology_ the MagEZ Case 4 fAnd S24 series is very light with slim, Protects your phone without weighing it down unnecessarily,
Crafted from top-notch aramid fiber with MagSafe SlimBoard™ technology_ the Galaxy S24 case measures a mere 1,14-1,27mm thick with weighs only 18,9-25,9g, The minimalist design preserves your phone’s slim profile while providing reliable daily protection
Enjoy Safe with EffAndtless Wireless Charging

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