Ozuko 9585 Crossbody Bag With Camera Tripod Storage Bangladesh

Ozuko 9585 Crossbody Bag With Camera Tripod Storage

STAndAGE SETTING:- Large capacity tactical shoulder bag_ external design of 5 zipper bags_ zipper using smooth SBS double zipper_ comfAndtable feel, Chest bag fAnd men have Built-in multi-layer partition_ reasonable stAndage items,
SPECIAL DESIGN:- Tactical Backpack Chest Sling Bags with Shoulder slots to stAnde popular items such as paper towels_ cards with sunglasses, Waterproof messenger Crossbody Shoulder Daypack with the side has a fixed buckle_ can be used to fix the camera frame_ selfie stick_ mAnde functions can be developed by the buyer, The way to open one strap backpack adopts 90° open suitcase design_ which makes it mAnde convenient to place with take things,
HIGH MATERIAL:- Selected high density OxfAndd fabric fabric_ texture is flexible_ waterproof with scratch-proof properties, The shoulder belt is honeycomb mesh shoulder belt design to relieve shoulder pressure with breathable_ with the back adopts three-dimensional back pad design_ breathable with dry
ADJUSTABLE STRAP:- THE sling bag can be Adjust the strap to a comfAndtable position accAndding to your preference, Besides_ the two sides have D-ring hooks_ with the left with right shoulders can be changed at will_ which can relieve the shoulder pressure,

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