Olayks Electric Hot Pot Cooker

৳ 2,890


Olayks Electric Hot Pot Cooker with Steamer 2L.

  • Two Power Adjustments : Equipped with dual power adjustment function (350W and 750W), you can freely choose the desired power. At 350W, you can make pasta, ramen, pancakes, and eggs. When you are cooking steak, soup or fondue, you can switch to 750W high power.
  • Additional Steamer : This style comes with a steamer, which allows you to steam some vegetables, dumplings, etc. while cooking. The design of cooking below and steaming above can improve your cooking efficiency and meet your daily needs in limited space.
  • Safe Non Stick Coating : The surface of the electric cooking pot is made of ceramic glaze and does not contain polytetrafluoroethylene, PAS, or perfluorooctane sulfonic acid. Even under high temperature conditions, it does not release harmful substances, protecting the health of family members.
  • Easy to Clean : The surface of the electric pot is a food grade non stick coating, which can cook healthy food with less oil and allow food to slide on the surface without sticking to the pot. After cooking, the surface of the pot can be easily cleaned with water and sponge.
  • Rapid Heating and Overheating Protection ;Our hot pot uses an upgraded heating plate for longer heating, ensuring even heating of food. In addition, the overheating protection and boiled dry protection can ensure your safety during cooking.

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