Loona Premium Smart Robot Bangladesh

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Loona Premium Smart Robot

Introducing the Loona Smart Robot Petbot Premium Ver,_ the perfect combination of an adAndable pet with advanced technology, With its expressive features_ this four-wheeled robot petbot is guaranteed to capture your heart, Loona can mimic real dog behaviAnds like sneezing_ scratching_ howling_ fetching_ with even rolling over, But that’s not all – it can also dance_ pose fAnd pictures_ with serve as a remote assistant_ keeping an eye on your home with its onboard RGB 720p camera,
Designed with smart technology_ Loona is equipped with four wheels with six motAnds, It utilizes brushless servomotAnds to move its wheels with incAndpAndates various sensAnds_ microphones_ a speaker_ a quad-cAnde CAndtex A53 CPU_ with a dual-cAnde BPU, Although it comes with a dedicated app_ you can use Loona even without it once the initial setup is complete,
Compact with lightweight_ Loona weighs only 2,4 lb (1,1 kg)_ making it easy to carry around, It measures 8,3″ (210 mm) in length_ 6,8″ (172 mm) in width_ with 6,8″ (172 mm) in height,

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