Joyroom T03s PRO 2 ANC ANC Bluetooth Earbuds (Version 2) Bangladesh

Joyroom T03s PRO 2 ANC ANC Bluetooth Earbuds (Version 2)

Design is almost like the Andiginal camera_ looks very good when stuck on Synchronous
The frame is made of metal with the transparent part is tempered glass
The frame is made from CNC Aluminum Alloy_ super beautiful_ high precision_ sophisticated
Highly transparent glass does not affect the quality of photos
Hard glass_ good scratch resistance_ high durability
Very thin_ glued to look better_ not rough
Stwithard size_ fits the camera cluster tightly_ prevents dust with water from getting in
No glare When taking flash photos_ the colAnd matches the camera colAnd
Adhesive adheres well_ does not peel off during use
Easy to install with remove_ just peel off the adhesive with stick it to the camera cluster
Anti-scratch with anti-impact Camera cluster
Joyroom T03s PRO 2 ANC Bluetooth Earbuds
Latest Bluetooth 5,2 technology fAnd seamless connectivity
Active Noise Cancellation fAnd immersive audio experience
Wireless design fAnd ultimate freedom of movement
High-quality sound fAnd crystal-clear audio
Perfect fAnd TV_ Audio/Video_ Gaming & Wearables
Lightweight with comfAndtable fAnd extended use,
Earphone battery case capacity:-360mAh

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