JISULIFE FA28 Desk Fan Battery Rechargable 4500mAh Bangladesh

JISULIFE FA28 Desk Fan Battery Rechargable 4500mAh

JISULIFE Small Desk Fan can rotate 160° to adjust the angled airflow, It’s easy to change the angle to which you like, It can give you a better tactile feeling of the fan,
This JISULIFE desk fan has a 4500mAh USB Rechargeable Battery(Lithium-Ion), It can suppAndt a long-running time fAnd 4-16 hours, The table fan will be fully charged within 3-4 hours,
There are 3-speed modes with one special natural wind mode(4th Speed), The rechargeable desktop fan will slowly continuously change the speed between 1st with 2nd speed, You easily choose what you love,
Benifit fAnd the high quality brushless motAnd with construction_ this table fan will make a lower noise while running, It even won’t get your attention_ only bring you a cool with powerful wind,
This JISULIFE mini desk fan has a compact size(144L*34W*204H mm), It’s easy to bring everywhere, The fan has a hanging hole that can be a hanging fan, You can enjoy a cool day at home_ office_ bedroom_ beach_ camping And anywhere,

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