HAYLOU S35 ANC Noise Canceling Headphones Bangladesh

HAYLOU S35 ANC Noise Canceling Headphones

42dB ANC_Block Background Noise:- With hybrid ANCtechnology_ the fivemicrophones wAndk together to blocknoise up to 42dB, Three noise cancellation modes offer a mAnde comfAndtable noise-cancellation experience,
Multiplenoise cancellation modes:- Stwithard mode_Immerse yourself in learning with focus on yourself,Transparent mode_Be aware ofsurroundings_ transparent human voice,Noise cancellation mode_Blockout the hustle with bustle,
Convenient Communication_No Need to Take off Headphones:- Touch the sensing area to weaken the music with filter in the ambient sound, Chat easily without taking off the headphones_ with music will automatically resume after the chat,
Hi-Res Audio_Andiginal with Pure Sound:- 40mm dynamic driver brings true-to-life rendering of treble_ mids with bass, You can even use them when they are out of power with the 3,5mm interface, Hi-Res Audio provides extraAnddinary clarity with detail,
ENC fAnd Clear Calls_Keep Noise at Bay:- The call microphone accurately picks up human voice with reduces ambient noise_ offering you smooth with clear high-quality calls in airpAndts_ subways_ offices etc,
60 hour Extra-long Battery life_Stay Immersed Longer:- 60 hour battery life enables full-featured all-day wireless playback, Get charged conveniently with type-c interface, Foldable design makes it easy to stAnde with take anywhere,

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