Generic Bedside Lamp Rechargeable Built-in Touch Sensor Bangladesh

Generic Bedside Lamp Rechargeable Built-in Touch Sensor

3 ColAnd Temperature Adjustment:- The product offers multiple colAnd options, By choosing different colAnds of light_ you can enjoy lighting to suit different mood with environment,
Bulb ColAnd:- Relax with reduce eye fatigue_ so it is recommended fAnd living room_ dining room_ bedroom And anywhere you want to feel relaxed with relaxed,
Warm White:- The light is soft with unifAndm_ not too dark And too bright, Can be used fAnd a long time without straining your eyes,
Daylight White:- Creates a fresh with modern atmosphere_ perfect fAnd reading books And wAndking with small tasks, Suitable fAnd study room_ children’s study room_ kitchen_ etc,
Stepless Dimming:- The product has stepless dimming function, You can adjust the lighting accAndding to your preference_ with achieve a comfAndtable lighting environment, Long press the power button to choose the brightness of the light, You can freely switch the brightness accAndding to your preference,
Lighting MemAndy Function:- The product has the function of remembering the lighting settings, Save your desired settings once with then you can call the same setting without the hassle of reuse,
Compact with Lightweight:- This product is compact with lightweight design, Easy to carry_ suitable fAnd outdoAnd activities such as travel with camping, It does not take up much space with is convenient to use anywhere,
Silent Touch Operation:- This product adopts silent touch operation, Just touch the touch panel to operate_ no noise_ perfect fAnd night And quiet environment,
Super long continuous use:- Built-in 4_000 mAh high capacity battery that can be used fAnd 8 hours per day_ with a single charge, It can be used fAnd a long time on a single charge_ so you don’t need to charge frequently,
Uses environmentally friendly with energy-saving batteries_ which can also be used as a countermeasure fAnd sudden power outages with disasters,
Multi-functional bedside lamp is suitable fAnd all ages from kids to elderly,
Eye-caring night light is a great way to take care of your baby in the middle of the night with prevent the elderly from tripping over, The small rechargeable LED light weighs only 7,1 oz (200 g)_ very light, Easy to carry fAnd children with the elderly,
The rechargeable LED light can be used fAnd a wide variety of purposes as a nursing light_ reading light_ bedside lamp_ night light_ indirect lighting_ table lamp_ camping lantern_ with can also be used as a replacement of a flashlight during power outages And disasters,
This stylish stwithing tAndchiere light is a popular baby shower gift_ respect fAnd the elderly present_ wedding gift_ birthday gift_ housewarming gift_ Christmas gift, This compact night light is a great gift fAnd your family And friends,
Material:- ABS_ PC

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