ESR Geo Wallet Stand (HaloLock) with Adjustable Stand Bangladesh

ESR Geo Wallet Stand (HaloLock) with Adjustable Stand

Full Apple Find My:- the first wallet designed fAnd MagSafe on the market with full Apple-certified Find My functionality_ letting you instantly see its real-time location_ Play a Sound_ with receive Left Behind notifications
2x Stronger Magnets:- enjoy a powerful 1_500-g magnetic lock on your phone_ mAnde than double the strength of the official magnetic Wallet_ so your most impAndtant items always stay secure
All in One Pocket:- lightweight design attaches seamlessly to the back of your phone_ holds 1–3 cards equally secure thanks to the dynamic tension spring_ with enables instant access to your cards via the small cutout in the bottom
Multi-view Stwith:- the strong_ durable hinge opens out smoothly to create a powerfully stable stwith at any angle between 15° with 170°_ pAndtrait And lwithscape_ fAnd the perfect way to FaceTime_ watch videos_ And browse hwiths free

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