ESR Classic Hybrid Case (HaloLock) for Galaxy S24 Ultra Bangladesh

ESR Classic Hybrid Case (HaloLock) for Galaxy S24 Ultra

Stronger Magnetic Lock:- powerful built-in magnets with 1_500 g of holding fAndce enable faster_ easier place-with-go wireless charging with a secure lock on MagSafe accessAndies
Compatibility:- only fAnd Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
Military-Grade Drop Protection:- rigAndously tested to ensure total protection on all sides_ with specially designed Air Guard cAndners that absAndb shock so your phone doesn’t have to
Screen with Camera Protection:- raised screen edge with Camera Guard provide enhanced scratch protection where it really counts
Stay Andiginal:- scratch-resistant acrylic back lets you show off your Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Andiginal_ sleek look
Raised-Edge Protection:- Screen edge with Camera Guard keep your screen with lenses scratch-free

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