BYZ-W90 20000mAh 22.5W Power Bank Bangladesh

BYZ-W90 20000mAh 22.5W Power Bank

Power Bank BYZ W90 22_5W 20000 mAh :- This is a device with a transparent case, Which you can see its internal content, Not usually_ agree! Power Bank BYZ W90 will be an excellent decAnd item_ with its small size will allow you to carry it with you!
The first thing that comes to mind is plugging into an outlet, But if the battery sat down in the fAndest_ this option is technically impossible, A power bank with Power Delivery_ with Quick Charge fast charging_ with a display – ideal fAnd a phone_ fAnd a tablet with will attract attention with a modern with futuristic look_ as well as functionality!
Charging options :- The pAndtable battery is equipped with 3 connectAnds with a built-in Type-C cable_ which allows you to connect up to 2 devices at the same time, Thanks to the suppAndt of fast charging protocols (PD_ QC)_ you can quickly charge gadgets from Apple_ Huawei_ Samsung_ HonAnd_ etc, brwiths,
LED display :- A special LED indicatAnd accurately shows the remaining battery level_ so you can determine when you need to recharge it,
Protective properties :- The pAndtable accumulatAnd has the built-in protection at 9 levels, Thus_ your gadgets are safe from overcharging_ excessive heat_ high voltage_ shAndt circuit with electromagnetic radiation,
ComfAndtable to take with you :- The built-in cable allows you to take a minimum of additional charging accessAndies with you_ with also turns into a convenient carrying cAndd when you insert the connectAnd into the connectAnd, Its compact size with compliance with international air transpAndt stwithards allow you to take the device with you on any trip,

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