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BlitzWolf BW-CF2 Car Phone Vent Dashboard Stand

৳ 1,100


BlitzWolf BW-CF2 Car Phone Vent Dashboard Stand

  • Infrared smart sensor, hold the phone on the bracket for 0.5 seconds, the smart sensor automatically clamps. Whether it is emergency braking, speed bumps, or rugged mountain roads, the phone will not fall, and there is no fear of bumps.
  • There are two ways to use the seat frame with clip ventilation holes and the sticking base (instrument panel), anti-sway chuck, soft silicone pad to prevent damage to the car. Firm base sticking, leaving no traces and can be used repeatedly without hurting the car or leaving Traces.
  • Place vertically or horizontally, born for both navigation and video viewing. one-handed access, more convenient
  • Can be used for one month on one charge.Electric opening and closing, intelligent electric drive device, electric lock with microswitch.
  • There will be no sound during use and will not disturb your driving.
  • It is small in size, and will not obstruct the field of vision.

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