Baseus Bowie D03 Headphones


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Baseus Bowie D03 Headphones.

📌Advanced Wireless 5.3
Low latency with fast response, stable and smooth with no lag.
📌30-Hour Battery Life
Low-power wireless technology offers a super long battery life and lets you enjoy music all day.
📌0.08s Low-Latency
Low-latency rate down to 0.08 seconds, seamlessly syncs up with the visual when gaming or watching videos.
📌Support Cable Connection
Supports cable connection via the AUX port, smooth connection between PC/phone and headphones.
📌40mm PET Polymer Diaphragm
Large moving coil with powerful driver unit offers a balanced three frequencies and premium sound quality.
📌Comfortable Wear
Soft foam filling with multiple adjustable positions, comfortable and secure wear.

Enjoy Immersive Audio 40mm Large Dynamic

Pet diaphragm offers a balanced highs,mids and lows with rich detail,more immersive audio experience

30Hours Super Long Battery Life

Enjoy music all day long with one full charge

0.08s Ultra Low latency Audio and Visual Sync Up

Turn on the low latency mode for the ultimate gaming experience

Wireless 5.3, More Smooth and Stable Connection

Upgraded wireless 5.3 for a more smooth and stable connection

Adjustable Wear with Seamless Fit

Telescoping arms with rotaing mechanism offers a seamless fit and s consistent seal, no pinching pressure

Memory Foam for the Cushions Comfortable Acoustic Seal

Soft and pillowy,effectively absorbs the pressure to your ears,PU leather wrap is sung and skin-friendly and creates a better immersive seal while listening

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