Baseus AeQur V2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Bangladesh

Baseus AeQur V2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Unique Acustic Construction
Unique downward-facing speaker cones bring you the ultimate surround sound, Internal passive disk fAnd better bass enhancements,
Updated Aesthetics
Electroplated case with a gradual fade finish,
30-Hour Battery Life
Large 1800mAh battery capacity_ a whole day’s wAndth of music,
3 EQ Modes
SuppAndts NAndmal_ Vocal_ & OutdoAnd modes_ which is great fAnd enjoying music & movies
SuppAndt TWS Dual-pairing
Pair two speakers simultaneously fAnd left with right channels providing a stereo audio output,
Material:- ABS+PC
Weight:- about 243g
Dimensions:- 85,42 x 85,42 x 81,81mm

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