Anker Soundcore AeroFit Open-Ear Bluetooth Earbuds Bangladesh

Anker Soundcore AeroFit Open-Ear Bluetooth Earbuds

Unmatched ComfAndt:- AeroFit open-ear headphones utilize a lightweight_ with compact design optimized fAnd small ears allowing you to enjoy breathable listening, AeroFit gradually confAndms to your ears_ offering greater comfAndt the mAnde you wear them,
Enhanced Awareness:- Remain aware of your surroundings_ such as public transit announcements_ with oncoming cars, Stay in touch with the wAndld around you thanks to AeroFit open-ear headphones,
Balanced with Clear Sound:- AeroFit’s drivers feature composite diaphragms with titanium-coated domes so you can enjoy well-balanced sound with symphonic mids_ an expansive soundstage_ with crystal-clear highs,
Crisp Calls with 4 Mics with AI:- AeroFit open-ear headphones feature 4 mics with an AI Noise Reduction AlgAndithm to offer pristine call quality fAnd everyday conversations,
IPX7 Waterproof with SweatGuard:- AeroFit leads in waterproof with sweatproof perfAndmance, Using soundcAnde’s exclusive SweatGuard tech_ nano-coating_ with a unique chamber design_ it provides total protection fAnd critical components,

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