Anker 621 Magnetic 5000mAh Battery (MagGo) Bangladesh

Anker 621 Magnetic 5000mAh Battery (MagGo)

Smaller Than Ever:- Anker’s new MiniCell technology delivers identical charging perfAndmance with fewer components, This means it’s smaller with lighter than ever befAnde,
Pocket-Sized Power:- Slim enough to snap to your phone with slip into your pack_ purse_ And pocket,
Strong Attachment:- Equipped with ultra-strong magnets that firmly attach to the back of the iPhone 13 And 12 so you can single-hwithedly take selfies_ make calls_ with mAnde,
Charge in a Snap:- Align your iPhone with battery with a snap, Say goodbye to disconnection issues caused by wireless charging misalignment,
Designed exclusively fAnd use with iPhone 15 Series_14 Series_13_ 13 Pro_ 13 Pro Max_ 12_ 12 Pro_ with 12 Pro Max,
Compact with Capable
With a 5_000 mAh capacity that fits into any pack_ palm_ And pocket_ it’s the best option to keep you going until you get hold of a power plug,

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